Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Chiropractic is an alternative form of health care that utilizes touch. A chiropractic evaluation and treatment is safe and effective means of treating the physical aches and pains that appear during pregnancy. Studies show that 75% of pregnant chiropractic patients found relief from low back pain during pregnancy.

Before the baby arrives:

Spinal malpositions alter joint motion and can create nerve irritation. Most commonly it is presented in sciatic type pain during pregnancy. The goal with chiropractic care during pregnancy is to remove the irritation and increasing the chance to conceive and carry comfortably. Previous trauma left uncorrected plus physically strenuous activity is associated with an increased risk of pain during pregnancy.

During pregnancy:

The more comfortable mom is during pregnancy, the better facilitation of an uncomplicated labor and delivery. Almost 50% of all pregnant women experience low back pain. This is common due to the normal weight gain. As the belly grows, the increase curve in the low back places stress on the joints and disc of the spine. This change in center of gravity and shift forward can cause constant discomfort. Not to mention, the pressure of the growing baby can cause pressure on the nerve roots leading to increase in radicular pain (sciatic pain).

As the pregnancy grows to a close, the increase of the hormone, relaxin, softens the pelvis and ligaments and prepares the mother’s body for both the growing baby and birthing process. If the pelvic ligaments don’t stretch and expand evenly, a pattern of compensation will develop which can lead to muscle tension, waddling earlier and breech presentation.

After the baby arrives:

Chiropractic care increases the healing and recovery process for both mother and child. By keeping the irritation off the nerve roots and allowing full function of the central nervous system, we see an increase in immune system response and a decrease in muscle tension, a decrease in pelvic disorders and a decrease in post-natal depression.

As a doctor of chiropractic and as a mother, I want to encourage every parent-to-be to empower themselves to find the right team to ensure the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible. Child birthing is traumatic and beautiful for everyone involved. And as the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

My Top Five Reasons Chiropractic helped with during labor and delivery, and beyond!

  1. Aches & pains of a growing belly—Sacroiliac joint pain, hip pain & groin pain

  2. Power of alignment during labor & delivery—stronger during pushing

  3. Repair & recovery—better sleep

  4. Boosted immune and energy—especially after going back to work!

  5. Ergonomics of nursing –surviving "the nursing neck"

If you’d like to include us to be part of your healthcare team, please call and schedule an appointment today!

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