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Wimberley Strong


Dearest Family and Friends-

We are reaching to you during these fluid times of ever changing news regarding the COVID-19 virus to let you know that our office is going to remain open until the state of Texas advises us otherwise. Our team has always been prideful of our ability to manage and operate a clean establishment, exceeding standards that are set in place by the CDC as well as the state of Texas. In light of these new developments, we are working extra diligently to ensure that all of our surfaces remain clean and sterile. Rest assured knowing that we are taking all of the precautions recommended by the CDC as well as our licensing boards.

We ask that patients that have been running a fever, coughing, or have a sore throat to remain home until you have been symptom free for 48 hours. We ask this in order to reduce exposure to other patients, our healthcare team, and to the local community.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I have often wondered what our role in a situation like this would be. After all, we treat neuromusculoskeletal issues and have very little training in infectious diseases. Dr. Leslie and I believe that our purpose, especially in these times, is to take load off of our colleagues in the medical field and to allow them to treat patients that are ill. We will be available to treat acute pain, chronic pain, as well as other injuries in order to aid local medical physicians time and resources. This is our purpose and we will meet the demand head on.

In closing, I encourage each of you to smile at your neighbor. Offer to help an elder by picking up their groceries or walking their dogs. Get outside and play in the dirt with your kids. Light the grill and cook hamburgers for your family. Life is going to continue, we will get through this. If there is anything that Dr. Leslie or I can do for you, or someone that you know during these trying times, please reach out to us. We love our community and are thankful to be a part of it. Always Wimberley Strong.

Yours in Health,

Drs. Tony Maxwell

UPDATE ON COVID-19 3/22/2020 Governor Greg Abbott has indicated that health care, such as chiropractic, is an essential service. As such, MWC clinic will stay open until further notice. We will continue to see existing and new patients by appointment only, please call for same-day appointment availability. We want to assure you that every precaution for your safety, as well as the safety of those around you, and our staff are being taken. We have modified our scheduling to limit the number of persons in our office. Our hours of operation remain the same, but may be altered in the future. We ask from you that if you are feeling ill, that you stay at home until your symptoms have resolved. For our existing patients who are sick and can’t come in, we will be happy to address ways of helping you overcome your neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes online and through email. The best way to contact our office after hours is by website or email MWC Providers and Staff

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